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7 useful tips you need to know about Chile!

seven useful tips about Chile

Are you planning a trip to Chile? You are very welcome to one of the countries with the most extensive variety of landscapes and weather. Here is a guide with seven useful tips about Chile you should know before landing:

Where to go?

  • The most amazing landscapes of Chile are in the extreme north of the country and the extreme south of the country. At the north, you will find San Pedro de Atacama and at the south the Patagonia where you can see the National Park Torres del Paine. The capital, Santiago, has nice touristy stuff, museums, buildings, a good party scene, etc., but in the end, is just a big city.


  • Our first language is Spanish, not English. Some of us do speak English, but most of Chileans won’t. Learning some basic words in Spanish will be super-helpful for your stay: “Hola”, “Buenos días” (good morning), “Buenas tardes” (good afternoon), Muchas gracias (thank you), Chao (goodbye). Talking about language… We speak a very fast Spanish. The Chilean Spanish is considered one of the most ‘difficult’ ones to learn it. We use A LOT of slang and colloquial words in every phrase!


  • People outside of the capital city are said to be more relaxed, chill, warm, than the people from Santiago, this might be just a prejudice, but it’s what everybody says. So you have an example, my landlord chose me to rent her apartment, just because I was from the south of Chile. Might be a bit silly, but people from the capital are very stressful and fast-paced.


  • Chile is one of the most expensive countries in South America. When we travel to Peru or Bolivia, we feel a bit fortunate with the exchange rate! So, if you come from Europe, prices will be pretty much the same for you.
  • Our currency is the “Chilean Peso (CLP)”. So consider exchanging your money to CLP once you arrive in Santiago. We have tons of exchange shops available; the best option is to go downtown and trade your money there. Dollars and euros are very welcome!


  • Chile counts with a decent public transportation. Sadly, the public transport is collapsed in the capital. In Santiago, you can use the subway (METRO) and or bus; you must buy a BIP! Card first. The BIP! is our local version of the “Oyster” (England) or Acess (Sweden). You can buy it from local stores or at any subway station. Don’t forget to charge it! Some other cities like Viña del Mar, have their metro system. Same as Concepción, that has their own Bio Train. The rest of towns, just buses.
  • Taxis are available, but most of the Chileans hate them. So that’s why we use services such as Cabify or Uber. They are not legal, but everyone uses them anyway! Just make sure to sit in the co-pilot seat, I prefer Cabify, the cars and the drivers are way more professional.

Is there anything else you need to know before landing in Chile? This is just an easy Seven useful tips about Chile guide; I’m sure there are some I’m leaving behind. Please leave your question in the comment section, and I’ll update my post! 🙂



Publicist, currently living in Santiago, Chile. Hopefully not for too long! Currently working in the music industry. Love travelling, music and tattoos! Looking forward to new experiences for a new blog post!


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14 responses to “7 useful tips you need to know about Chile!”

  1. This is super helpful, really well explained! May have to add chile to my bucket list!

  2. Delphine says:

    I went to Argentina but not Chile, I heard great things though. Thank you for these additional tips!

  3. mirela says:

    Chile is on my top bucket list. National Park Torres del Paine and Santiago sound very interesting. I really didn`t know that Chile is one of the most expensive countries in South America 🙂

  4. Medha Verma says:

    Thank you for these tips, they are a good started guide for my research. Looking forward to reading more in detail about the country on your blog, I really want to visit in 2018! Good to know that you have Uber (even though its illegal but as long as it works!).

  5. ansh997x says:

    Nice guide, I had no idea that Chile was so expensive. Also thanks for the basic language advice. Much helpful.

  6. therunaway says:

    Very useful information for someone planning to go to Chile for the first time. Yeah, your Spanish is so difficult. In my previous job I met some guys from Chile and I did not understand anything they say between each other, though normally I understand quite a lot in Spanish 😀

  7. oyibougbo says:

    wow!. i never knew English isn’t Chilean first language, its nice to have come across this post. i know i will be in one country one day and am optimistic that i will have a great time. thanks for the insightful post.

  8. Cecil says:

    Such great information. I think staying outside of the capital would be a better option for me. Thanks for the info on Cabify and Uber, didn’t know they were not legal in Chile.

  9. Jassy says:

    Your tips are very useful! Didn’t know they speak spanish there 😁 cool post!

    XoXo Jassy

  10. Nice artile. Got to know many things about chilie. I would definitely plan a tour for chilie in 2018. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. This is such a bucket list destination for me! Thank you for these tips – I will definitely keep them in mind and refer back here when I start planning to trip!

  12. Cierra says:

    I had no idea about the transportation part, super helpful!

  13. megcale says:

    oohhhh I can’t wait to go to Chile – this is such a great post.

  14. britenay says:

    Hi! I just nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Please read my post to know what you have to do next

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