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It’s time to go to Torres del Paine!

Here I go, Torres del Paine!

Some time ago I decided to visit one of the biggest and most visited National Parks of Chile, known for their amazing three granite peaks, glaciers and incredible green areas.

Since I have a full-time job, going to Torres del Paine was a bit of a problem due to the distance from Santiago (2.700+ KMs far). All the comments I’ve read say that you should at least stay 7 days there to make it worthy. So I decided to go on Easter holidays. Plus, the Census was taking place in Chile so I had an extra day too.

What did we do? 

We booked the tickets at to Punta Arenas, they had a really nice pricing for those days, around $60.000 Chilean pesos each, which is around 92 USD, roundtrip.

Other option: You could take a flight directly to Puerto Natales and take the bus to Torres del Paine there. Also, there is another line that offers flights to Puerto Natales and/or Punta Arenas called “Sky Airlines”.

The flight is around 4 hours from Santiago. We arrived at Punta Arenas at around 9 am (note: we took the 5 am flight) and we decided to stay there for the next day. The next day we took the 10 am bus from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales.  The trip is around 3 hours. We arrived at Puerto Natales at 13:00hrs and took the bus of 14:30hrs to Torres del Paine National Park. As you might already notice, we had to wait for one hour and a half, so we decided to do 2 things: Go to the closest supermarket to get some groceries and to check out this amazing place called “Masay”, where they supposedly prepare the best sandwiches EVER! and… totally true!

We walked to the nearest supermarket of the terminal and bought some batteries and food that we needed. We went to the “…..” located just 3-4 blocks away from the terminal. After groceries, we noticed that it was already lunchtime so it was time to check out this “Masay” place. A kind woman of the supermarket helped us by calling a taxi to get to the restaurant.

Important: The taxis in Puerto Natales have a fixed fee. $1000 Chilean pesos (around 2.3 USD) to anywhere inside the city from Monday to Friday, and $1500 Chilean (around 3 USD) pesos on weekends and holidays.

At Masay…

Address: Manuel Bulnes 407.

You won’t regret this. You won’t regret this. Best sandwiches EVER! oh, my god… I ordered a “Churrasco Italiano” (meat, avocado, tomato and mayo) while Manu, my bf, ordered a “Barros Luco Bacon” (meat, melted cheese and bacon). Each sandwich was around $5000 Chilean pesos (around 10 USD) and we, of course, had some beer. We totally recommend “Austral”, best Chilean beer ever! (small bottle around 3.8 USD).

After Masay, we had to take a taxi back to the terminal in order to take the bus to our final destination: Torres del Paine National Park.

Arriving at Torres del Paine

After a 2-hour trip from Puerto Natales, we finally arrived at the park, YAY!

(Part 2, coming soon!)




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